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Web and Software Development


How do you get your web site to “Pop?” To stand out and be remembered by all those that you compete with? You begin by calling Jenga Web Limited. Using our five plus years in graphic design as well as planning, we can help you develop a site that will be easy to navigate, fun to use and keep people coming back.

With the explosion of digital age, the need for the company to have an online presence has never been this important. At Jenga Web Ltd we have an experienced team of web designers and web developers who have the skills and experience to put your business, its products and services online to reach a larger audience of potential customers. Additionally, we develop innovative softwares that you will execute the functions that you want. Amazingly, we can seamlessly incorporate the software into your website through a plug in or build you a new website using our own software.

Featured Projects

We ensure your brand stands out from the rest. Some of our projects include